Wealth Management

At WPG, our team uses a holistic planning approach to meet the complex needs of our clients. We are able to accomplish this by implementing our broad range of strategies and capabilities. Wealth management is more than just investment advice. It encompasses all parts of a family’s financial life

Investment Management

We guide our clients thru the array of investment options available in the public and private markets.  Having access to institutional money managers, private non-corelated investments and tax managed portfolio solutions; we provide a holistic and transparent portfolio. 

Financial Planning – CFP® (Certified Financial Planner)

WPG Financial Group firmly believes that the Certified Financial Planner CFP® designation is the gold standard of financial planning. The focus area of discipline are Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Insurance Planning.

CEPA (Certified Exit Planning Advisor)

The CEPA Program is the most widely accepted and endorsed exit planning program available, focused around cross-functional consulting and value acceleration. This credential serves a large subset of our clientele, business owners. We can walk you through your different exit options that fit your vision for business, personal and financial goals.


As Fiduciary Financial Advisers we act with honesty and integrity. The best interest of our clientele is always our priority. In a world of deceptive sales practices and schemes we pride ourselves on taking our fiduciary oath seriously.

Tax- Management

Taxes, especially when not managed properly, can erode your investment gains and minimize progress towards your financial goals. WPG has tax-managed strategies to help minimize your tax burden.

Multi- Generational Planning

We don’t just plan and prepare for your success, but that of your entire family. If your goal is to pass on your values and wealth for future generations, we are here to ensure your legacy lives on.

Charitable Giving

At WPG we offer tools and expertise to help clients make a real difference. Families not only think about their portfolio of assets, but also their philanthropic endeavors. Being in a position to give back for the greater good is an empowering way to build your legacy.

Insurance Solutions

Insurance is powerful tool for asset protection, tax-mitigation, and most importantly… peace of mind. We negotiate for best possible underwriting classification through dozens of insurance companies, to assure the most competitive pricing. The diligence process can make a tremendous impact on our client’s overall financial plan.

  • Life Insurance (Traditional, Premium Financed, Private Placement)
  • Long Term Care
  • Disability Insurance
  • Estate and Legacy Planning