The Value of Financial Advice

There’s growing evidence of the value that financial advisors bring to the table, beyond investment management. This concept, often referred to as “Advisor Alpha,” has been championed by Vanguard and does a great job illustrating the many hats a financial advisor wears.  Our goal for you, whether you’re our client or not, is to get […]

Do You Need a Family Financial Summit

A Family Financial Summit might be a new concept for many of you, so let’s start by defining it before delving into whether or not you need it. Essentially, it’s a family meeting that allows for the sharing of financial values and goals.  It can be helpful in aligning expectations about inheritance, responsibilities, and the […]

The Never-ending Pursuit of Money

What would it be like to be ultra-wealthy? Would it mean homes in Hawaii and Paris? Do you envision sailing a luxury yacht across the Mediterranean? What about chartering a trip to space? While it’s fun to imagine, this isn’t the reality for most of us.  You might have heard the term “Ultra High Net […]

How a Financial Advisor Can Help Lower Your Tax Bill

Tax planning is a vital part of any wealth management strategy, but reducing your tax burden isn’t always a straightforward process, especially for individuals with more complicated returns. Careful planning can help minimize your tax liability leaving you with more money to further your financial goals.  Tax planning isn’t just something you think about when […]

How Small Businesses Can Leverage AI Today

hen you ask ChatGPT (a leading AI program) what that means, it says “these computer systems are designed to mimic human intelligence, including learning, problem-solving, and decision-making.”  For small business owners, this can be immensely valuable. Whether it’s creating new marketing ideas, creating new content for your social channels, or even drafting customer emails, AI […]

5 Easy Ways to Protect Seniors from Financial Abuse

ology has helped to streamline the way we manage our money, allowing us to perform transactions and monitor our accounts online, instead of needing to do everything in-person. These tools are simple to use, getting better every year, and don’t cost any more than the traditional methods.  But there are risks involved, especially for our […]

Unlock the Power of Our Professional Network

Tapping into the rich network of professionals we associate with has many benefits. Having worked with a wide variety of families with a wide variety of needs, our networks often include everything from accountants and attorneys to high-end tailors and travel agents. The importance of this can’t be overstated. Leveraging our network can help with:  […]

Retirees, What’s Your Withdrawal Strategy?

When planning for retirement, we often focus on the accumulation phase: saving diligently and investing wisely. We spend 40 or more years of our lives focused on building the proverbial “nest egg,” but after retirement, things change and so should our financial focus.  There are a variety of questions that must be answered. How much […]

Preparing for a First Meeting with a Financial Advisor

You have a first meeting with a new financial advisor, congrats! You’re taking an essential step in forging a path to financial confidence and clarity. But this is more than just a casual chat; it’s a critical conversation to determine if this professional is the right fit for you. You’ll need to equip yourself with […]

Protect Your Children from Their Inheritance

Wealthy families often find themselves grappling with how to effectively pass along assets to their children while ensuring those children are ready for the responsibility. As we tread towards the largest generational wealth transfer in history, there is a growing need to ensure those inheriting the assets are adequately prepared to handle them.  There are […]